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  Types of frames  

The traina light, traina coastal itself is a technique that is practiced near the coast to catch certain species that allocate in this band of sea or, in certain seasons, are close to the coast for reproduction or searching for food.  And surely the first experience of traina for the neophyte.

  Action fishing  


You can use rods with reels bollentino drum fixed loaded with 0.35/0.45 and 0.20/0.25 terminals and a good clutch.  Ideally, however, is a cane traina mixed carbon (12/16 lbs.) Passafilo to roll with tip and rings passafilo ceramic or titanium, reel rotating drum, with clutch gradual and loaded with with 0.35/0.45 terminals of 0.20/0.25. This type of cane will be useful in case of catch size or small ricciole.

Le esche

Feathers simple - easy to build alone, practical and very effective with some prey. They are almost always the best choice for looks, aguglie, sugarelli, lampughe, etc.. Ideal those with head piombata, feathers eye yellow and red. In water mimics a avanotto and, therefore, must work hard on the surface, without the ballast and speed is not high.

The teaspoons ondulanti from 6 to 15 cm. are used successfully in traina for coastal sea bass, looks, horse mackerel, mackerel, aguglie, ricciole small size, etc.. There are several forms: martellati, mirror, with or without piumette, with more ancorette, enamelled and colorful.  Our preference is geared towards models and transparencies affusolati. This artificial imitates a fish in trouble.  It is used with a sinker even a few grams.

The Minnows (improperly "Rapala"), is an artificial playing a fish-bait, with its swimming oscillating and its vibrations attract predators. Suitable for prey as the most important bass, greenhouse ricciola, seabream, can fish different depths, from a few tens of cm. from the surface to several tens of metres. It must always be weighted with a lead attendant to a dozen metres of the artificial.


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