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What is the Vertical Jigging

The vertical Jigging (VJ) is a fishing technique that is spreading in Italy in recent years, and is practiced only by boat leeway. He has already collected a great success by many fishermen (jiggers) from the Tyrrhenian all'Adriatico, from Sardinia to Sicily, and the results of catches of Ricciole, Dentici (main prey for the VJ), Tuna, Lampughe and more, are nothing short of striking. It is a fishery that has yet to be discovered in all its potential, but with the application of those who already do so and those that will certainly involve, in a very short time the technique will become more fun, profitable and loved by the vast majority of fishermen Italians.  It is certainly a technique hard under the physical aspect.



The ideal length for a good cane jigging must be between 1.50 / 1.80. Action by the cane must be parabolic and progressive, so that you can download the traction of fish across the plug cane on both rings to be by force of circumstances of best workmanship. As a technique in which the cane must be held in his hand, we should also worry about the weight of the cane itself, as fish with a tool too heavy, could affect our physical endurance and after a few minutes force to surrender immediately. The action cane varies from model to model, and is only linked to the type of artificial we are going to use (example: artificial 50 to 180 grams is working well with a cane with action by max 200 gr).

The atificial

In the market there are lots JIG for this type of fishing, from forms with the colors more diverse, certainly someone catturante more than others, but is only one choice linked to weight and always the type of prey that we intend undermine. Medium weights and common use range from 35 grams to 400 grams.



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