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  La pesca al dentice  

The traina from bottom is a type of fishing a little 'most demanding of traina low and medium depth, and refers mainly on fishing for seabream. It can be practiced with live bait or artificial, consistent with the seasons and for the slow pace alive, and fast with the artificial. They practice on depths ranging from 15 to 80 meters, even here according to season, because cold are the most liquid, more drops in depth. It is a fish most likely stanziale. lives always in close contact with the fund, and prefers the dry enough away from the coast seabed with mixed seaweed and rocks, but not disdain the large muddy areas with few isolated rocks.





For the dentice small should be well equipment (rod, reel, line mother) enough say in light of 8-12 pounds. But in fishing, you will have the opportunity to find committed with much bigger players and combative.  Then: equipment from 20-30 pounds will be ideal. The terminals, long around 20 meters, will always be in nylon 0.40 or even 0.50 with the artificial, and 0,60-0,70 with natural bait. It will be good that the 0.50 and 0.40 more still are dubbed for 15-20 cm upstream dell'esca order to avert the danger of possible tranciature caused by powerful teeth of dentice

The bait

Among the live bait give preference to those that we can catch ourselves: aguglia, sugarelli, mullet, cuttlefish, squid in the tank that fed with sea water remain alive and vital also for more than one day. The triglia alive, which is without doubt the bite by far preferred by seabream, is not easy to find, but we will have to make arrangements with some fisherman but  is anything but easy.

Gli affondatori

1) leads removable included, even in multiple series on the line mother

2) lead attendant

3) downrigger, device for the use of heavy ballast called "cannon balls".


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