Consigli per ottenere buoni risultati


1. With clear water and calm, be advised feathers and ondulanti with ancorette. For the minnow, use models or silver gray head red.

2. With clear water, sky overcast, sunset place, advise ondulanti biggest and lucidissimi, better martellati for minnows is the excellent head red or models very colorful.

3. The best hours for this technique are the early morning until 3 to 4 hours after dawn, and so the hours of sunset. In moderate sea conditions, the activity of fish can last all day.

 4. Some predators, such as Sea bass, Lecce, Ricciole, Serra, Barracuda are more active sottocosta at the highest level of tide and with the sun high. Under these conditions, can be very fruitful traina very close to the coast, in the bays and larger tips of cliffs to peak, with more minnows from 9 to 13 cm.

 5. With regard to the depth of work dell'esca, considerations must be made in close connection with the fish you want to go. The seabream eats only on the bottom, right on the bottom, so if the rapala is addressed to him must rasenti rocks. If you traina the bass, it is difficult to know beforehand the depth to which could abboccare, is versatile and fish unpredictable. While occhiate and aguglie eat normally on the surface if the water is a little 'move, if it is just below its quiet.


  6. Traina light is directed mainly sea bass, looks, small ricciole, lecce, aguglie and horse mackerel. The zones are to beat the shallow waters by characterizing flat and low cliffs, coves, wharves. We need canes court and read, 2,10-2,40, with power from 5 to 25 grams lighter and reels and little capacity (with fishing wire of 0.20-0.25). The baits should be small, small minnow or spoons directly without sinker, bait or silicone. Advised particularly in sea conditions: smooth or quiet.




 7. Traina average is by far the most widely used in Mediterranean waters because most suitable to our prey and our coasts. Rods from 2.30 to 2.70 meters with power up to 40-50 grams, reels from 300-350 grams with a capacity of 200-300 meters or 0.40 Multifibre from 15-20 pounds. As artificial minnow or silicone from 9-13 cm or spoons 7-10 cm for 15-30 grams of weight. With equipment of this kind can deal with most situations and preys typical of our waters excellent for barracuda.




 8. The colors of artificial generally used in coastal traina are almost endless, because, depending on the depth, state of the sea, environmental and brightness season can vary considerably. Whereas as variant dark colors for the first hour of the day, and then clear, bright day in the center and then repeat as the brightness haul. Typically, in traina coastal pelagic fish, beginning with blue / black before the 'dawn, white and black all' dawn, follows red / white / black, then white and blue, red / yellow or yellow / green halfway through the day . A very interesting color and multi is white / pink or pink pure.

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