Mounting with feather

It is essentially a lightweight frame consists of a piece of monofilament 0.18/0.25 that is already mounted the feather.



Mount for teaspoons

This mount always provides the use of a lead, mounted in line with the artificial



Mount for minnows


It adopts the same frame of spoons, using grammatture lighter for lead, not to distort the movement undulating dell'artificiale.




Mount lead with attendant

The terminal can be long from 10 to 15 meters and is more robust, with a of 0.25/0.30. The use of lead attendant is necessary when fish to greater depths. Its task is to advise that there is imbattendo in a bottom low and that the minnow could remain docked. Giving some lap to reel or by increasing the speed, shows the artificial calm waters. The lead attendant, during recovery, is the first board and removed from girella through the clip to be more free in the sail fish.




Posts and environments

The environments are right for this technique are within 3 / 4 miles from the coast, although in most cases, fishing very close to the coast and at depths ranging from 8 / 10 mt. Indicated are dried, gradients of seabed, the inlets degrading. The weather conditions are ideal formed by the sea: smooth or expired with not too murky waters. Good conditions also long wave with wind of land.

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