Il Tonno Palamita: (Tynnus pelamys) resembles tuna in its conformation, but is smaller, shall not exceed the length of 80 cm. The back and sides are colored blue-steel with green reflections. The belly is silver and has longitudinal brown stripes running from the throat to caudal fin. It eats cuttle and molluscs. Its meat is delicious. It 'a species that lives in banks and makes extensive migration. The reproduction occurs in spring and summer and sexual maturity is reached at two years of age.The bonito may reach 80 cm in length and 10 kg, but is common in markets around 2 kg.



Where lives


Is very common in the Mediterranean. He lives in all Italian seas and form large banks that swim near the surface and usually do not go beyond the 200 m deep. Recent studies have revealed that the bonito migrates from the Aegean Sea to the Black May-June and return in late July in our seas.



As fishing

The bonito are caught with the tuna fixed and with fly traps, but also with pelagic trawls. eat easily traina to be with live bait, both with artificial bait. It is the subject of active fishing in Puglia, Sicily and Liguria

As consumes

Is mainly sold fresh, trance and has a good commercial value, in some countries is also salted and smoked. The taste of its meat is strong and are better examples of 2-4 kg; may also be kept at home in jars in oil. It is recommended to cook the bonito al cartoccio baked, or simply lessa.





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