The bass: (Dicertrorchus labrux) The family of Perciformi, also 1m long, has the opercoli and one of dorsal fins armed with thorns. As a blue silver, is wanted for meat. The reproduction occurs during the winter months, between January and March from the eggs after only 3 days of incubation hatch small larvae.



Where lives


The bass is a fish that lives at depths of various kinds and, tolerate sudden changes in salinity, penetrates often in lagoons and is able to trace the rivers. It is widespread in the Mediterranean. The bass wanders alone or in groups along the rocky coast predando especially at night, this species is among the most desirable prey by sports fishermen.



As fishing


The bass are fished with gill nets, and trammel nets, but also with traina and rarely with bottom trawls. Is considered one of the most valuable species and is the subject of intensive farming in sea and brackish waters, even at low salinity.

As consumes

The bass is a fish most sought for the excellent meat. It 'a white fish, like orata, turbot and San Pietro, for the white fish of high quality preparation for the paper or roast is the best. The bass is marketed fresh and frozen. The wild sea bass, who live at sea are caught in small quantities by both the recreational fishing, both with hooks and nets in a professional manner, are of excellent quality, although the taste is different from one area to another. The bass living in lagoons, fishing valleys and ponds Sardinians have a natural and are caught when returning to sea for reproduction. They are excellent and have different flavor depending on the salinity of water, are very sensitive of those valleys low salinity and have a taste more flavorful those of the Sardinian ponds.



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