Lo Scorfano: (scorpanea porcus) 20-26 cm long, is dark red or reddish-brown. The caudal fin possesses the dark bands, the backbone 11 rays dark. The Redfish Red: (Scorpanea sow) 'smaller than previous colored with yellowish-red fins stained brown. Both live among the stones and rocks, feeding the fish, molluscs and worms. For both species is the rays of dorsal fin that the tips acuminate projecting produce painful puncture. It is carnivorous and you play in spring and summer.



Where lives


Is a red fish demersal and lonely, lives on property funds rocky, sandy and muddy from 15 m up to depths of 200 m, between the marine prairies, where hides in ravines and tane, its ideal habitat is represented mainly by basis of deep reefs. Contrary to other species of redfish, he devoted himself to hunting during the day. It 'very frequent in the Mediterranean.



As fishing


Catch red with trammel nets, trawls, pots and abbocca very easy to cover lines.

As consumes

Is a red fish greatly appreciated and used primarily in fish soup. Its meat is boiled, compact and of excellent quality. It is marketed both fresh and frozen. It can be cooked in the oven, guazzetto or simply boiled.


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