Il Sarago: Belonging to the family of Sparadi, oval body is compressed. Its length reaches a maximum of 40 cm. In the mouth, a small city, there are two rows of teeth. The body has reflexes silver and has a characteristic black spot on the tail. And 'common in the Mediterranean where they live three species: The Diplodus sardus which is adorned striae of blackish vertical. The Diplodus vulgaris which has a black belt behind his head and The Diplodus anularis which has yellow pectoral fins. Their meat is prized. The spawning period in the Mediterranean is in the autumn, from September to November, is ermafrodita and during the fregola the head turns blue with a front-end color brown. The sexual maturity is reached after 2 years of age.



Where lives

The sarago is common in the Mediterranean and is present in all Italian seas, lives near the coast sandy and rocky, somewhere meters up to 70 m deep, young people are often close to substrates-rich algae and meadows of Posidonia . He gregarious habits and lives in small flocks. Fish very common in the Mediterranean, is mainly present in Sicily, Sardinia and in the Tyrrhenian Sea, where the specimens were larger.

As fishing

Fishing for sarago is made with gear such as pots mail, long lines of the fund, by line, gill nets.

As consumes

Is a fish from the meat tasty and very digestible always located in markets where it is sold fresh, but is also marketed frozen. If you find a good size sarago worth prepare salt (baked).




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