The Ricciola (Seriola dumerili) blue fish belonging to the family Carangidi, also known as Seriola. He stretched oval body, covered with small scales, along up to 90 cm and weighing up to 30 kg. The gray color is blue and white on the back on his belly, with beautiful golden hues on the sides. E 'in the Mediterranean town where he lives in different types of seabed. Its meat is excellent. He lives in small flocks and eats fish and shellfish. It can reach record size 2 m. but is commonly around 50 to 80 cm. Species fast growth, is bred in Italy with excellent results.



Where lives


Present throughout the Mediterranean, prefers the southern basins



As fishing



It is fishing with seiners and mail and is "prey" coveted sports fishermen especially with the line to traina.


As consumes

It has very good meat, consumed fresh, may be sold whole or trance.


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