La Rana Pescatrice: (Lophius piscatoris) is a big fish that comes to the length of 70 cm. He dorsal fin with 11 or 12 spokes, the plug humeral ends with three points. The color of the upper body is brown uniform, the bottom is white, the caudal fin is almost black. It eats any kind of fish is a voracious animal, held hidden on the seabed and adesca its prey moving Appendices skin and dorsal rays. Its meat is not valuable. It 'a solitary fish, you play from February to June,


Where lives

It 'a benthic species, which lives on the seabed sabbio-muddy and detrital, from 50 m up to considerable depth. It 'a kind of solitary habits, passing most of the time infossata on the bottom, in anticipation of prey. It is regularly present in the Mediterranean. The largest catches are found in Sicily, and in Tirreno Adriatico. During the day remains almost invisible, with the pectoral fins digs a depression to stay hidden in the sand, and lies on the bottom, may begin hunting, beginning to stir slowly l ' "illicio" to prime the prey.

As fishing

Are catching mainly with trawls, but also very easily abbocca longliners to deep and long lines.

As consumes

Is a delicious fish from lean meat. It is marketed fresh, frozen or frozen. The taste of monkfish is different depending on the origin. To be sure it is fresh, the tail of toad should be bought whole, with all his head, which among other things you can cook excellent fish soups. With the liver can prepare excellent crostini


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