Is a pelagic species from the body mass, slightly lengthened and compressed in transverse direction. The lower jaw is projecting and larger than the upper part. He has two dorsal fins, the first with a low profile. It can reach the meter in length. The color is blue / gray or greenish / silver on the back, clearer on his belly, 'a fierce predator that eats fish of small and medium-size, but not disdain in the absence of other crustaceans and molluscs.



Where lives


This is a pelagic species that migrates in large banks in search of food, chases the prey, especially mullets, up to where the water is deep few tens of centimetres. Is cosmopolitan, fairly common along our coasts.


As fishing


Is especially fishing lines traina, provided the cable terminal is steel, otherwise it is sliced by very strong jaws.



As consumes





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