Il Pesce S. Pietro: (Zeus faber) It has a compact body and oval (30-60 cm), the mouth and broad. On the dorsal fin there are long filaments, the pectoral fins are very developed. The color of the body is yellowish-gray, nuanced stands out on the flanks where a roundabout bluish stain. He lives isolated on sandy bottoms and arenosi. It has white meat, much sought after.



Where lives


He lives alone or in small groups on muddy bottom or between the Posidonia, the profile flattened allows him to approach the prey without being seen. It is not a good swimmer and moves to shots using his mouth as fast protrattile tool catch. And 'common throughout the Mediterranean up to 300 m, better known in the Adriatic; youth stationed in waters relatively little deep (70-150 m), while the adults in deeper waters.



As fishing


It trawl fishing, by mail and palamiti. With the trawl individuals are caught between 3 and 60 cm in length.

As consumes

He has excellent meat particularly appreciated for their delicacy. It usually consumes fresh guarantee of freshness are the eyes that must be hanging if they are affossati fish is a few days old.


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