Il Pagello Rosso: (Pagellus centrodontus) common in the Mediterranean, its back is bigio-tending to reddish brown, the head is dark brown, the sides bigio-Argentinians. The pagello is omnivorous and eats mainly small fish and invertebrates (molluscs, crustaceans, etc.). Tritura that thanks to the teeth molariformi. The reproduction occurs in spring and summer, is a sort ermafrodita proteroginica, that passes the first part of life as a female reproductive then, at a variable age from a specimen to another, as male. It can reach 50 cm in length and 2 kg, but is common from 10 to 30 cm.



Where lives


The Pagello is a demersal species and gregaria, which goes no later than 300 m deep, usually live from 20 to 100 m. Young people living near the coast and winter descend into deeper waters, adult living on funds coralliferi, sandy, muddy and melmosi. E 'frequent in the Mediterranean. The largest catches are found in South Adriatic and in Sicily.



As fishing


The Pagello is fished in the Mediterranean, the fishermen catch mainly with bottom trawls, nets to trawl pelagic (flying), gill nets and longlines background, pots and hand lines. In Italy is caught mainly in the seas around Sicily and South Adriatic.


As consumes

It is an lean fish, meat boiled digestible and tasty, is marketed fresh, frozen and frozen. It gusta better cooked grilled


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