L'Ombrina: (Umbrina cirrosa) It is acknowledged by a bardiglio short and dull the jaw, short muzzle ottusissimo, rigonfio, all covered with scales.The caudal fin has the edge slightly incavato. He has on the sides, above a fund Argentine, several strips flessuose golden. Ordinariamente is 30-40 cm long. E 'frequent in our seas. Its meat is delicious. The ombrina has the tendency to group life during the first period of his life, then becomes lonely or move in pairs of different sex and same size. It eats mainly sardines and anchovies, but also crustaceans, molluscs and worms, especially cannolicchio. The period of reproduction occurs in early summer, is between May and June.




Where lives


The ombrina is common in the Mediterranean, is a sedentary fish that live on sandy bottoms, muddy and full of algae near the coast from a few meters up to twenty, the preferred area is to seabed near the mouth of the rivers, brackish waters. Small take long in close contact with the shore at low depths until they start to wander also moving on the seabed off the coast. It is one of the few species in the Mediterranean penetrated Suez Canal.


As fishing

Various methods are the catch of this species: bottom trawls and gear post, which pots and trammel. In recent years started breeding dell'ombrina, species that adapts well to captivity and has a rapid growth, currently in Italy if they raise a few tens of thousands of copies, but it is a herd which has large developments and will have availability of product for all months of the year



As consumes



The ombrina is a fish prized and highly sought after by consumers for its excellent meat, delicate who enjoy boiled, grilled or especially in guazzetto, with garlic, parsley and tomato.



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