L'Occhiata: (Oblada melanura) The family of Sparidi, has an elliptical body compressed along up to 30 cm. The eyes are large, color sidewall is silvery gray, the back is black-blue, a large black spot check on the stalk codale. It 'very common in the Mediterranean, especially at the bottom of the rocky coastline. When you play, from April to June, took a dark purple color brown, the sexes are separated, but there are cases of ermafroditismo. Is an omnivorous fish, which feeds mainly of small invertebrates such as crustaceans, molluscs and worms and even algae.



Where live


Is a coastal fish that wanders in a group along the rocky coasts, funds sandy grasslands and marine, up to 40 m deep; swim to mezz'acqua and often comes close to the surface. Young people, a few centimeters long, are frequently surface in the area of backwash. It 'a species common throughout the Mediterranean and Italian seas.



As fishing



Is caught with pot, trammel nets, seines, lines and palamiti  

As consumes

The meat has  good value, but a little 'dry; has a low commercial value and therefore its price is quite content. It is sold fresh

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