Il Gronco: (Groncus vulgaris) has the upper jaw longer than lower teeth, sharp, arranged in several series of files. The skin is completely bare and silvery color.Its length ranges from 50 cm to 2 m. It eats crustaceans, other fish also of the same species. Reproduction takes place in summer.  The growth of young people is very fast. It eats fish, molluscs and crustaceans and stops feeding when approaching the period of deposition. It can reach considerable size and weight, 2.5 m long and 50 kilograms of weight.



Where lives


Is a benthic species, which adapts to different types of bottom, rocky, sandy and muddy, common in Italian seas, is 10 to 1000 m deep. It reproduces in summer to considerable depth (600-800 m), in very specific areas in the Mediterranean.



As fishing



It is fishing with pots, parangali and bottom trawls


As consumes

He has good meat, but full of bones

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