The gallinella is a fish belonging to the family Triglidi, and as such has a massive head, with armoured plates Bone, the head of this species is large and wide, eyes are small, mouth, big is definitely behind the head , The lateral line is not very pronounced. The pectoral fins are large, fan-shaped and more than the beginning of the anal fin, are dark purple color, edged in blue and often have on the inside a dark blue stain, with blue or biancastri points. The colour of the back is brown or reddish-orange, pink and white on the sides silver on the belly. The gallinella can reach a weight of 6 kg and the length of 70 cm, but is common from 20-30 cm. Reproduction of gallinella starts in December and lasts until April.



Where lives


Is common in the Mediterranean. It inhabits the sandy and muddy funds of the continental shelf. Copies younger love to stay fairly close to the coast and often stick to the brackish lagoons, adults moving hand off up to 200 m deep.


As fishing


Is the sort of triglide most important fishing Italian, is caught with bottom trawls and gill nets in summer and autumn fishing especially young people, approximately 200 grams, which during the winter months reach their size better , 400 grams.



As consumes



Has soft meat, the best way to taste it is boiled, very suitable for the fish soup


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