Il Dentice: (Dentex dentex)  The family of pesciformi, oblong body (may reach the length of 1 m), a little 'is flattened gray-blue brilliant reflexes with rosy-gold on the back and Argentine on his belly. The head developed with very large mouth equipped with front teeth very robust and projecting. Its meat is very valuable. The seabream is a predator and feeds on cephalopod molluscs and fish. The reproduction occurs in spring (March-May).  Species that look like are the seabream corazziere (Dentex gibbosus), which has two first rays of dorsal very small and the remaining long and Filamentous, the seabream eye (Dentex macrophthalmus) is recognizable for large eyes and the reddish color of the body and free of stains




Where lives


Is a demersal species common in the Mediterranean, fish solitary lives near the coast on funds rocky, sandy and meadows of Posidonia, at depths varying from 15 to 160 m; only stadium youth live in groups preferably on soft money and rich algae and presents a rosy coloration leaking gradually during growth.  The adults prefer reefs and winter descend into greater depth, up to 200 m.



As fishing



Amount of seabream are caught at sea all along our coasts with gill nets, traps and lines from the bottom; rarely is caught with bottom trawls. It 'a prey sought by fishermen divers. You try, so far only experimental level, to raise the seabream in Italy.


As consumes

Is considered a lean fish, easily digestible. He prized white meat, sodas, the delicate flavor much appreciated by consumers. It is sold fresh and frozen. It is well to be cooked in the oven


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