The Cernia: ( Polyprion cernium)  subclass of Teleostati, order of Perciformi, is a big fish that can weigh up to three quintals. The body is light brown in colour with dark brown vertical stripes. He lives in the Mediterranean in deep waters. He prized meat. These large fish live lonely, annidandosi often among the rocks and occupying a territory defined. The grouper is a voracious predator that feeds on mollusks, crustaceans and fish; you play in the summer and is ermafrodita proteroginico (the first is female, then 80 cm males reach maturity) can also live 40-50 years.



Where lives


Lives along the rocky coast until the depth of a few hundred meters, and occasionally goes on seabed detrital places on the margins of meadows of Posidonia. And 'common in the Mediterranean, Eastern Atlantic; is present in all Italian seas, where leads solitary life in caves and gorges.




As fishing



Is a species much sought after by fishermen divers, is caught in a professional manner with long lines deep, with bottom trawls, with trammel nets and bolentino from bottom.  Given its slow rate of growth, is a species that is not yet bred, but are ongoing attempts to restocking.



As consumes

Bay the grouper must be careful, because most are imported, fresh or frozen (check the brightness of the skin and the eye). The meat is excellent and white.  One of the best ways to taste it, given its large dimensions, is baked or grilled cut into slices, for small fish is to be tasted especially in frying

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