Il Cefalo o Muggine: ( Mugil cephalus) The eye covered by a layer fat yellow-amber. The back cinereo tending all'argentino with traces of dark longitudinal lines, silver belly. Its length is about 30 cm. The mullet is a gregarious species habits, tolerate changes in temperature and salinity; feeds mainly of organic debris, algae and small invertebrates.  Reproduction takes place in summer.



Where lives


The mullet is very common throughout the Mediterranean. It 'a typical inhabitant of coastal marine waters; lives well in shallow water and oxygen polluted; prefers seabed soft and rich vegetation, but it is also in the open sea. Young people stationed in the spring even in lagoons and moving towards the sea in the spawning period which usually extends from July to October. The mullets are generally coastal fish, ranging in search of food in small or large groups near the outlets of watercourses and penetrate even in brackish water and sweet and ports



As fishing


The mullet is caught by trawl pelagic those flying with gill nets and purse seiners. In the valleys fishing is caught using traps fixed exploiting the periodic migration of fish between the sea and lagoon, for reasons thermal, reproductive and research of food.



As consumes



The mullet The fish is considered a semi from the meat quite digestible. It is fresh and frozen, the taste of its meat depends on where he lives.  lends itself to be cooked roast on a barbecue. Excellent as bait for traina



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